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At Noah’s Ark, we strongly believe our customers should be fully equipped with all knowledge and information before buying a pet. This is why we do not sell our animals to people who appear to be buying on implulse, or who have not thought through the full implications of owning a particular pet.

Please do not be offended if we ask you to find out more about the animal you are interested in, or suggest this is not the right pet for you. We only want what is best for the pet, and are very experienced in matching the right pet with the owner.

Did you know 70% of rabbits do not live their whole life with their original owners? This could be for many reasons, but it’s important to us that owners know exactly what they are taking on, so we minimise the chance of this happening with our animals.

Before buying a pet, our staff will ask questions about your circumstances to ensure the right pet is chosen. We will discuss fully the pros and cons of owning any animal we sell and help you come to a sensible decision. If all petshops and breeders did this, there would be far fewer over-full rescue centres.

We reserve the right not to sell an animal.

Pets are live animals not playthings.
They cannot be discarded when you get fed up with them.
If you buy a pet you become responsible for it for the rest of its life.
Make sure you are able to look after the pet you pick and have the right accommodation to house it, ie cage, hutch, tank, heater and light.
Ask advice and do plenty of research about the pet you pick before buying – if in doubt, don’t buy.