Noah's Ark Pet Shop

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We stock a wide variety of foods for your pets dietary requirements. If there is a particular food you require, please contact us and if we do not already stock it, we will do our best to source it for you.


Complete Dry Foods

This is a growing area of dog nutrition widely recommended by vets. There is a huge variety of foods available to suit your dog’s size, age, weight and breed. Our staff are trained in nutrition and would be happy to advise on the best food to use. We stock a wide range of foods including Hills, James Wellbeloved, Burns, Royal Canin, Beta and Purina and many more. We are always happy to order a food that we do not have in stock.

Wet Foods

Tins, foils and pouches are a popular way to feed dogs either as a main food or in addition to dried food. Again these come in a variety of makes and we stock makes including Denes, Natures Best, Hills, Pedigree and Butchers.


Who can resist giving their dog a little treat now and again? Whether as a reward for training or good behaviour or just a little titbit to show him you love him. Treats come in all shapes from large natural bones, pigs ears and sausages, to dental sticks, biscuits and rawhide chews. We change our selection of treats regularly so we always have a large variety to choose from.


Complete Dry Foods

Dry cat foods include Premium foods such as Hills, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved and Purina which provide a balanced, healthy diet for cats. We also stock other brands such as Whiskas, Go Cat, Applaws and Felix. We will be happy to advise on any food for your cat.

Wet Foods

All cat owners know how fussy their four-legged friend can be, so we stock a large range of wet foods to appeal to all cats’ palates. These come in foils, pouches, tins and such a huge range of flavours, there’s sure to be something to tempt every choosy feline.


Salmon, chicken, cheese and tuna are all favourite ingredients of the many types of cat treats available. Whether it is too reward your cat or to spoil him, we have a selection of goodies to choose from.

Small Animals

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of small animals and this of course means their feeding habits too. We are happy to talk to you about the different foods available and which is the best for your pet. We stock extruded pellet diets for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, degus and ferrets. We also stock mixed foods from a selection of manufacturers like Burgess, Supreme, James Wellbeloved and Vitakraft.

As we know the importance of hay in a lot of small animals we try to offer a variety of hays and grasses to ensure your furry friend has an appropriate diet. Timothy hay, Orchard grass, Botanical Hay, Alfalfa and Dandelion Herbage are just some of the packs we stock as well as the popular Meadow hay.


Don’t forget the little ones when it comes to handing out treats! Fruity sticks or milk drops, carrot crunchers or berry bites, veggie baguette or pineapple donut, there’s something for all small animals to enjoy.

Cage & Aviary Birds

Bird owners know how important diet is to keep caged birds in top condition. We stock seed mixes for birds of all sizes from the smallest finch to the largest parrots. We also stock egg foods, colour foods and hand-rearing foods to ensure all birds are catered for.

Our range of treats from Johnsons, Vitakraft and Quiko cover healthy snacks in various shapes and sizes to keep your bird entertained as well as fit and well.

Wild Birds

How lovely to encourage our indigenous species into our gardens. We stock mixed seeds, sunflower, niger, peanuts, mealworms, suet blocks, insect mix, and coconut treats amongst many other products to entice finches, tits, robins and others into the garden.

Don’t forget hedgehogs. They are becoming rarer so if you see a hedgehog, please support it with a diet to help it grow strong.

Reptiles & Fish

We have in store an extensive variety of coldwater, tropical, marine and pond fish foods from manufacturers including Aquarian, King British, Tetra, Hagen and Supa. We also have foods such as bloodworm, brine shrimp, daphnia and holiday blocks. We stock some reptile foods and are happy to source your requirements on request.