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Small Animal

Cages are where pets spend a large amount of their lives, si it is important that the right cage is chosen for your pet.


Hamster cages fall roughly into two type – wire or tank

Both have benefits and drawbacks and we would be happy to discuss these with you when you visit our shop. We stock both types with Hagen Ovo range being a popular choice as well as Rotastak and other wire topped cages.

As hamsters are not too keen on open spaces, it is important to have lots of tubes, tunnels and hideouts in their cage. This means they feel safe while exploring their living quarters. If you move them around frequently it gives them a constantly changing environment and prevents boredom.


Although many hamster cages are suitable for gerbils, there are some drawbacks which you should be aware of.  Please come in and talk to us and we will be happy to show you examples of cages suitable for gerbils.

Glass or plastic tanks can be a great way of watching gerbils in a more natural environment. Be sure you can provide appropriate food and water containers in these type of cages.

Guinea Pigs

Whether you plan to keep you guinea pigs outdoors in a secure, safe hutch or indoors so you can hear them “talk” to you, we can supply suitable housing.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, so prefer to be approached from the side rather than the top, so lifting their cage off the ground and having a front opening door, makes them feel safer.

Wire top cages are a popular indoor choice for a lot of guinea owners, and we would recommend the largest cage you can afford, and will be happy to show you cages suitable for these lovely friendly little creatures.


Rabbits need companionship and space to ensure they do not become unhappy and bored.

They should have a large cage with enough room to take at least 3 or 4 bounds and tall enough to allow them to stretch up on their back legs.

As well as a large cage, they need to get out to run and jump about. Whether this is in a run in the garden or around the home, there is nothing cuter to watch than a rabbit kicking its heels in the air as it charges around!